Organic on Map.

Even a small city like Bonn can offer an amazingly wide range of organic shops (“Bio-Laden”). Each and every of them has its own characteristics and offers different organic specialities. Besides, you can experience in these shops a good quality of customer service such as friendliness of the staff, customer care and consulting service.

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Prologue: Food Revolution.

Food Revolution is all about changing the way you eat. Small changes and big effects. By switching from processed to fresh food, you will not only feel better but you can live longer. It’s another food philosophy!

The distribution of organic products to consumers occurs through a diverse range of ways. You can buy it directly from the farm where the food was produced, from roadside stalls in the city, in local organic (super)markets, from Discounter-Supermarket. Or much more conveniently, you shop online and have the products delivered directly to your door.

To give you an insider’s look about how these typical distribution channels of organic products look like, I went to an organic farm and visited a local organic supermarket. But the place, also my most favorite one, which gave me the idea to write this blog and made me curious about organic products, is Bonn local organic market.

I often buy my fresh fruit and vegetable every Wednesday and Saturday. Because organically raised vegetables and fruit provide more minerals and nutrients than commercially grown produce and are more intensely endowed with color, scent and flavor. And for many organic consumers, they also taste better!

Besides, I like very much the sound and liveliness of this local market and the vendors’ friendliness here. All the things that I can hardly find in normal supermarket. You can enjoy this here through my audio slideshow.

This market also reminds me of my hometown organic market, about which I already wrote in the last entry.

That’s why I call this part the prologue of my organic story.

Enjoy and hope to see you there! Remember: every Wednesday and Saturday at Marktplatz!

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Chapter 2: Customers come first.

Customer philosophy of an organic market.

In order to stand out among many competitors, customer care and customer service play a vital role for each and every organic market. Let’s get an insight about the customer service philosophy from one of the best organic supermarkets in Bonn – the “Endenich Biomarkt”* in order to see how they can keep regular customers stay and at the same time attract more new customers.

In this audio slideshow, I interviewed Mr. Söhlke, who is the manager of the Endenich organic supermarket. For him, to stand out among many competitors on the market, there is no better way than to understand and to satisfy as many individual needs of your customers as possible. As such, his supermarket offers many convenient service options for the customers, such as a telephone hotline for fresh bread order or individual consulting about organic cosmetics.

In this supermarket,  I met Mrs. Meyer. She has consumed organic products since more than 20 years. She goes shopping mostly for milk products, vegetables 3 times a week here. Regular customer like Mrs. Meyer is, of course, very important for Mr. Söhlke. He even has his own notebook, which carries important datas about the most regular customers, for example, their favorite products, their telephone numbers etc.

Here goes their motto: CUSTOMER (YOU) is KING!

For me, personally, the most stunning thing about this supermarket is the number of organic products. The supermarket offers more than 9000 kinds of organic products, and from all over the world! It is a true paradise for any organic consumer. Without any doubt!!!

* The Endenich Organic Supermarket is The Best Organic Market in 2010 chosen by readers of the German Organic Magazine “Schrot&Korn”.

For more information you can read here.

Organic Sells!

Graphic from ZEIT Magazine.

Organic is hip. Organic booms. Organic sells.

All these facts hold true in Germany in recent years. Although the development of organic market here has slowed down during the economic crisis but the organic sales figures are still very impressive. Beside a big segment of “Stammkunden” (regular customers), organic products seem to be more and more appealing to different milieus of the German population.

A research report from GfK (Association of Consumer Research) in Germany in 2008 pointed out that ca. 81% of the German households have already bought organic product at least one time. The so-called intensive organic consumers spend about 38% of their yearly expenditure for food on organic products, which accounts for 730€.

The study also showed organic consumption among three most important consumer segments: intensive, medium and irregular consumers is from 2005 to 2008 on a stable rise; whether it is out of a desire for tasty and authentic food, or to contribute to the protection of the environment, improvement of natural resources, animal welfare and rural communities.

For many more latest information and figures about organic market in Germany, please click here.

Chapter 1: Back to Basics.


A Visit To Organic Farming


I saw the stall of organic farm Bursch at the local farmers’ market for the first time when I was taking photos for this “organic story” blog. It was around 3 p.m. They already sold out all their products and were about to leave. I could only manage to have a very quick chit-chat with the friendly seller and I made a promise to visit their farm in a week. At the end, it turned out to be much sooner than I expected. I paid them a visit only after two days, because I couldn’t help myself being so excited to see with my own eyes how an organic farm in Germany looks like.

The organic farm is where the whole organic process starts and where the fresh, high quality organic products that you buy at your local organic supermarket or farmers’ market first spring into life. That’s why I chose the title “Back to Basics” for this audio slideshow, which carries double meanings: 1) Organic farm is where organic products originally come from and 2) the way organic farmers produce products is very much close to nature. Organic farming is all about health and wellness.

In my audio slideshow, Mr. Daniel Fischer, who is PR and Customer Service Manager of the organic farm Bursch, explains how organic farmers work with nature at the organic farm and why organic farming is good for the environment.

According to organic farming practices, the environment is respected through e.g. responsible use of energy and natural resources, maintenance of biodiversity and enhancement of soil fertility etc. The use of chemical synthetic pesticide, livestock antibiotics and other inputs are very strictly limited because these chemicals contaminate the earth that sustains us.

Besides, the use of genetically modified organisms is absolutely prohibited. Organic farmers also try to raise livestock in free-range, as close to nature as possible and provide them with organic feed.

At the organic farm, you will have the chance to meet local farmers face to face and observe the whole organic process. And at the end of your visit, you can buy or taste organic food which are directly delivered from the farm in their cozy small market or enjoy a cup of organic coffee in their sunny garden.